Theme Developer's Guide: Getting Started

1. Generate the theme

The quickest way to create a new theme is using the built-in generators. Within a terminal window, change into your Wheelhouse site directory and run the following to create a theme called demo:

$ rails generate wheelhouse:theme demo

The generator will create the theme in themes/demo with the following file structure:

Files generated by the Wheelhouse theme generator

(The --haml option can be passed to the generator to create Haml templates instead of ERB)

2. Customize the theme descriptor and image

The first thing you will want to do is to update the the descriptor file theme.yml with your theme name, description and author details:

name: Demo theme
description: Theme Developer's Guide demo.
author: Sam Pohlenz

If you have a 120x90 PNG, you can also replace assets/images/theme.png to give your theme a custom thumbnail image in the theme selector.

3. Select the new theme

After restarting the Rails server, you can select your theme from within Configuration -> Site Options.