Installation & Deployment Guide: Introduction

Welcome to the Wheelhouse Installation & Setup Guide. This section will guide you through installing Wheelhouse CMS on your local machine for development and testing, as well as how to deploy your Wheelhouse site, either to your own server, or to a cloud hosting environment such as Heroku.

System Requirements

Wheelhouse CMS will run on any Mac OS X, Linux, or any UNIX-like operating system that also runs:

  • Ruby 1.9.3 or higher
  • Rails 3.1.1 or higher
  • MongoDB
  • ImageMagick

See Installing Dependencies for details on how to install these packages.

System Requirements (Heroku)

If you are deploying to Heroku, you are pretty much set already. Just make sure you have one of either the MongoHQ or MongoLab add-ons enabled. An Amazon S3 account is also required for permanent media storage.

See the Wheelhouse on Heroku page for full instructions on how to set up and deploy to Heroku.