Wheelhouse CMS 1.0.18 released

Posted on November 8th, 2013

Author: Sam Pohlenz

Wheelhouse CMS 1.0.18 is now available with a number of bugfixes and minor improvements. The 1.1 branch is still undergoing testing but should be available soon.

As usual, run bundle update wheelhouse from within your Rails application to update to this release.

Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where content fields were cleared when switching tabs
  • Fixed drag and drop file upload on Media Library drop area
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when opening the Insert Media popup for the first time
  • Fixed navigation helper to add child-current class even when a current child is not to be included in the navigation tree
  • Fixed navigation helper to allow a node not in the navigation to be a navigation root
  • Fixed Site Overview to always show a node's actual show in navigation status, regardless of its children (was previously dependent on child's show in navigation status)
  • Fixed automatic path generation for pages positioned within folders
  • Fixed empty selector warnings when compiling CSS files
  • Fixed Google Maps media thumbnailing when using HTTPS URLs
  • Update YouTube thumbnailing to support latest embed format
  • Added Media Library icon for Keyhole Markup Language (KML/KMZ) files
  • Added Media Library icon for presentation (PowerPoint/Keynote) files
  • Added clear_breadcrumbs! class method to admin controllers
  • Allow resource handler routes to set options (e.g. segment constraints)
  • Apply admin table column classes to the table header
  • Optimized image assets (reduced total admin assets size by ~20%)

Wheelhouse CMS 1.0.17 released

Posted on August 8th, 2013

Author: Sam Pohlenz

Wheelhouse CMS 1.0.17 has just been pushed to the gem servers. To update to this release, simply run bundle update wheelhouse from within your Rails application.

Release Notes

  • Audited gem dependencies to ensure versions are pinned to major/minor releases
  • Ensure that pages with the NOINDEX meta flag set do not appear in the sitemap.xml
  • Add a plugin hook (:editor) to allow plugins to add customizations to the editor JavaScript
  • Fixed a bug where will_paginate was not being properly initialized
  • Fixed a bug with field values containing double quotation marks
  • Fixed a bug with image fields referencing the wrong image within multiple loop fields

Security Notice

A vulnerability in Dragonfly < 0.9.12 potentially allows an attacker to run arbitrary code (see here for details). If you are currently running an affected version of Dragonfly, it is strongly recommended to update as soon as possible.

Updating to Wheelhouse 1.0.17 will ensure that all dependencies are running the sufficient versions with no currently known vulnerabilities. However if you are stil on an older version of Wheelhouse, please run bundle update dragonfly and ensure that Dragonfly is updated to version 0.9.14 or higher.

I apologise for the very late notice of this vulnerability. As part of the gem audit in this release, I am tracking all dependencies closely to ensure that any future security notices are announced here as soon as possible.

Wheelhouse 1.1 Development

This will hopefully be the last release in the 1.0 branch (security updates notwithstanding). Development on the 1.1 branch is coming along nicely and most noteably includes support for Rails 4 as well as some significant UI enhancements. Stay tuned.

RubyConf AU Sale Now On

Posted on February 20th, 2013

Author: Sam Pohlenz


To mark the start of the first Australian RubyConf, Wheelhouse CMS is on sale for the duration of the conference. Until Monday 25th February all license types are available for 15% off the regular price, whether you are a conference attendee or not.

If you're at RubyConf and still trying to find the perfect content management system, I'd love to talk. You can either find me at the conference or get in touch to arrange a demo or chat.

25th February Update: Due to the success of the first ever Wheelhouse CMS sale, we're extending it for another week. Get in quick before it ends on 4th March.